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[AC] Mead Art Museum at Amherst College; [HC] Hampshire College Art Gallery;
[HD] Historic Deerfield; [MH] Mount Holyoke College Art Museum; [MH SK] The Joseph Allen Skinner Museum at Mount Holyoke College; [SC] Smith College Museum of Art; [UM] University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMASS Amherst

ID Number Maker Name/Title Date Made  
AC 1950.69.13 Smith, James Kellum [Untitled] from 163 drawings for Mead Art Building and 25 blueprints] 1947 View
AC 1950.69.14 Smith, James Kellum [Untitled] from 163 drawings for Mead Art Building and 25 blueprints] n.r. View
AC 1950.69.27 Smith, James Kellum; McKim, Mead, and White (architectural firm) Mead Memorial - Amherst College 1948-03-06 View
AC PR.1936.14 Flemish? School; van Hulle, Anselmus (after); Hebbleynck, Anselmus (after) Ferdinand III View
AC 1998.124 Weinman, Adolph Alexander William R. Mead 1910 View
AC SEAL.XX.10 Unknown Cylinder seal 900-600 BCE View
AC 2001.600 Gabo, Naum Vertical Construction No.2 (The Waterfall) 1965-66 View
AC SEAL.XX.2 Unknown Cylinder seal 900-600 BCE View
AC 1984.130.a,b Teapot and Lid ca. 1790-1800 View
AC 2003.106 Martin, Lloyd Untitled 2001 View
AC 2004.14 Elisofon, Eliot Marcel Duchamp descends staircase 1952 View
AC 2001.676.a-b Brewster, Elise Study of Pews Number 3 2001 View
AC 2002.18 Clark, Sonya Pitchy Patchy 1995 View
AC 2001.435 Veisberg, Vladimir Five Glasses 1963 View
AC 1999.143 Petegorsky, Stephen The Meadows, Northampton, Massachusetts negative 1990; print 1998 View
AC 1999.144 Petegorsky, Stephen The Meadows from Route 91, Northampton, Massachusetts negative 1989; print 1998 View
AC 2001.645.1-.3 Hirose Bihō; Hirose Yoshikuni; Daikokuya Heikichi, publisher Our Forces Advance Fiercely to Attack Port Arthur from the Rear ('Waga gun mōshin shite haimen o kōgeki su') 1904 View
AC 2001.650.1-.3 Kobayashi Kiyochika; Inoue Kichijirō, publisher (1869–1905) The Righteous War to Chastise Russia: Scouts Advancing (Chō-rō gisen teisatsu no shinshin') 1904 View
AC 2001.637.1-.3 Utagawa Kokunimasa; Fukuda Hatsujirō, publisher (ca. 1894–1939) Telegraphic Record of the Russo-Japanese War: On the Ice of Lake Baikal in Russia, a Steam Locomotive and Its Cars Sank, Killing Tens of Officers and Soldiers. Russia's Transport Capacity Was Greatly Damaged. (Nichiro sensō denpō jikki no uchi: Rokoku no Baikaru-ko hyōjō tetsudō kikansha oyobi ressha kosui ni chinbotsu shite shōkō heishi sūjūnin sokushi su Rokoku yusōryoku wa dai shōgai o uketaru mono nari 1904 View
AC 2001.638.1-.3 Gakyōjin The Sinking of a Russian Warship in the Naval Battle of Port Arthur ('Ryojun kaisen rokan no chinbō'), the seventh in a series entitled "Illustrated News from the Russo-Japanese War" ('Nichiro sensō gahō: shishichi') ca. 1904 View

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