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[AC] Mead Art Museum at Amherst College; [HC] Hampshire College Art Gallery;
[HD] Historic Deerfield; [MH] Mount Holyoke College Art Museum; [MH SK] The Joseph Allen Skinner Museum at Mount Holyoke College; [SC] Smith College Museum of Art; [UM] University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMASS Amherst

ID Number Maker Name/Title Date Made  
SC 1959.174.12 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Scenographia Insula Tiberinae (Scenography of the Island of the Tiber) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.13 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Hypsographia puppis medietatis navis/Sectio ejusdem navis (Hypsography of the stern half of the ship/the section of the ship) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.14 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Ichnographia medietatis Navis (Iconography of half of a ship) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.15 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Reliquiae Basilicae Caii et Lucii (The Remains of the Basilica of Gauis and Lucius) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.16 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Reliquiae Porticus Caii et Lucii (Remains of the Porticus of Gaius and Lucius) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.17 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Ichnographia viciniae reliquiarum Theatri Pompejani (Remains of the neighborhood of the Theatre of Pompeii) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.18 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Rudera Circi Flaminius / Reliquiae columnarum / Reliquiae Theatri Pompejani (The Ruins of the Circus Flaminius / Remains of columns / Remains of the Theatre of Pomeii) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.19 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Reliquiae Theartri Pompejani (Remains of the Theatre of Pomeii) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.2 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Il Campo Marzio dell' Antica Roma (The Campus Martius in Ancient Rome) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.20 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Reliquiae Porticus Octaviae/Parietes lateritii/Reliquiae columnarum/Columnae residuae (The remains of the Portico of Octavia / brick walls / The remains of the pillars / Columns of the left) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.21 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Scenographia operis includentis Specum Aquae Virginis (Scenographia work includes the Grotto of the Virgin Water) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.22 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Reliquiae Mausolei Augusti (Remains of the Tomb of Augustus) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.23 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Reliquiae substructionum Busti Caesarius Augusti (Remains of the Tomb of Caesar Augustus) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.24 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Scenographia Panthei (Scenography of the Pantheon) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.25 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Posticum Panthei/Reliquiae Xysti/Reliquiae Thermarum (Back of Pantheon/Remains of Covered Portico/Remains of Baths) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.26 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Scenographia Reliquiarum porticus Septorum Iuliorum (Scenography of the Remains of the Porticus of the Seventh of July) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.27 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Pars cellarum subterranearum Capitolii (Part of the underground rooms of the Capitol) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.28 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Reliquiae theatri Marcelli (Remains of the Theatre of Marcellus) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.29 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Reliquiae substructionum ac rudera theatri Balbi (The remains of substructures and the ruins of the theater of Balbus) 1762 View
SC 1959.174.3 Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Sepulchrm Mariae Honorii (The Tomb of Mary Honorius) 1762 View

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