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[AC] Mead Art Museum at Amherst College; [HC] Hampshire College Art Gallery;
[HD] Historic Deerfield; [MH] Mount Holyoke College Art Museum; [MH SK] The Joseph Allen Skinner Museum at Mount Holyoke College; [SC] Smith College Museum of Art; [UM] University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMASS Amherst

ID Number Maker Name/Title Date Made  
MH 1949.30.Q.RII Keisai Eisen Oji Takinogawa [Oji Takino Waterfall], from the series Toto Meisho Awase [Matches for Famous Places in Eastern Capital] ca. 1835-1843 View
MH 1949.72.Q.RII Unknown Kato Kiyomasa Subjugating a Tiger View
MH 1973.234.Q.RII Chobunsai Eishi (Hosoda) Arahi [Washing], from the series Furyu Nana Komachi [Fashionable Versions of the Seven Beauties] about 1788 (Tenmei 8) View
MH 1973.249.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Roko musume nadeshiko [Wild Pinks: The Roko Girl], from the series Ukiyo bijin yosebana [Beauties of the Floating World Compared to Flowers] ca. 1770 View
MH 1973.251.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Priest Saigyo's Poetic Exchange with the Courtesan Tae c. 1766 View
MH 1973.252.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Courtesan Ready for Bed with a Poem by Kakimoto Hitomaro ca. 1767-1778 View
MH 1973.256.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Mizukagami [Water Mirror / Reflection], form the series Edo Onna Esugata Junikei [Twelve Portratis of Edo Women] ca. 1769-1770 (Meiwa 6-7) View
MH 1973.259.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Courtesan Smoking with a Pipe 1770 View
MH 1973.260.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Courtesan Reading 1770 View
MH 1973.261.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Courtesan Writing 1770 View
MH 1973.262.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Courtesan Making a Ball Toy 1770 View
MH 1973.263.Q.RII Suzuki Harunobu Courtesan Sitting 1770 View
MH 1973.351.Q.RII Hishikawa Ryukoku A Woman Dressing a Boy, from the series Bijin Awase [A Selection of Beautiful Women] c. 1805-1810 View
MH 1973.361.Q.RII Tamagawa Shucho A Beauty Rests with a Boy 1790s View
MH 1973.370.Q.RII Kubo Shunman Haru no No [Women Enjoying Spring Flowers] 1789-1868 View
MH 1973.387.Q.RII Utagawa Toyohiro Flower Arangement ca. 1800 View
MH 1973.419.Q.RII Utagawa Toyokuni I Beauties with Flowers 1810 January View
MH 1973.428.Q.RII Kitagawa Utamaro I Kakitsuke [Blackening], from the series Hakoiri Ichidai Kagami [Mirror of Life of a Protected Woman] April 1806 View
MH 1973.435.Q.RII Kitagawa Utamaro I Maple Leaves, from the seres Edo no Hana Musume Joruri [Flowers of Edo: Girl Ballad Singers] ca. 1803 (Kyowa 3) View
MH 1973.443.Q.RII Kitagawa Utamaro I Tsuruya no Uchi Shinowara, Wakaba, Chieda ca. 1805 View
MH 1973.451.Q.RII Kitagawa Utamaro I Kiseru o Motsu Onna [Woman Holding a Pipe], from the series Bijin Go Menso [Five Physiognomies of Beauties] ca. 1803-1804 (Kyowa 3-Bunkyu 1) View

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