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[AC] Mead Art Museum at Amherst College; [HC] Hampshire College Art Gallery;
[HD] Historic Deerfield; [MH] Mount Holyoke College Art Museum; [MH SK] The Joseph Allen Skinner Museum at Mount Holyoke College; [SC] Smith College Museum of Art; [UM] University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMASS Amherst

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AC 1998.19 Utagawa Toyokuni I The Attack of the Soga Brothers (Soga hyodai jubangin ho zu) ca. 1790 View
AC 1998.29 Yashima Gakutei Picture of Imperial Return from Itsukushima Festival in June (Itsukushima Rokugatsu Sairei Kangyo no Zu) ca. 1830s View
AC 1998.30.a-c Utagawa Yoshitora Battle Scene ca. 1850-80 View
AC 1998.32 Kitao Shigemasa Mother and Children ca. 1770 View
AC 1998.33 Isoda Koryūsai Pony Dancer and Musician. "The Ide Tame river in Yamashiro" ca. 1775 View
AC 1998.36.1,2 Utagawa Kuniyoshi Two Mounted Military Generals (Oban Diptych) 18th -19th century View
AC 1998.39 Bunro Historical Episode-Shooting Fan of Lady Tamaushi into Sea (Oban) 1800-1810 View
AC 1998.45 Katsukawa Shunkō Kabuki Actor Ishikawa Danjuro V (Hosoban) 18th - 19th century View
AC 1998.47 Kitagawa Tsukimaro Kabuki Theater Interior (Oban uki-e) 19th century View
AC 1998.48.a-c Utagawa Hiroshige I The Forty-Seven Ronin Crossing the Sumida River mid-1830s View
AC 1998.49 Utagawa Hiroshige I 1 of 53 Stations of Tokaido (Reproduction, Oban) 19th century View
AC 1998.50 Katsushika Hokusai Shōno, no. 46, (Shōno yonjūroku) from the series "The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō (Tōkaidō gojūsan tsugi)" ca. 1806 View
AC 1998.51 Utagawa Kuniyasu; Kagaya Kichiemon, publisher The Courtesan Hanaogi of Obiya Viewing the Moon from her Balcony ('Tsūzoku suikoden gōketsu hyakuhachinin no hitori') ca. 1830 View
AC 1998.57 Utagawa Toyohiro Landscape: Autumn Moon at Otago 19th century View
AC 1998.58.a-c Katsukawa Shun'ei A Great Subscription Performance of Sumo (Kanhin ozumo kyoko zu) ca. 1810-1820 View
AC 1998.65 Torii Kiyonaga Children at Play 18th - 19th century View
AC 1998.84 Keisai Eisen Landscape-River Scene (outsize horizontal oban) 18th - 19th century View
AC 1998.85 Kitagawa Utamaro I (attributed to) Hawk on Ivied Tree Branch (sumi-zuri-e, aiban) 18th - 19th century View
AC 1998.91 Kitagawa Utamaro I Monkey Trainer with Monkey Wearing Lion Mask and Small Boy (small horizontal) 18th-19th century View
AC 1998.95 Ishikawa Toyonobu Three Boys Playing Game of Shogi (benizuri-e, hoso-e) 18th century View
AC 1998.97 Katsukawa Shunkō Danjuro V as Puppeteer 18th - 19th century View

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