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[AC] Mead Art Museum at Amherst College; [HC] Hampshire College Art Gallery;
[HD] Historic Deerfield; [MH] Mount Holyoke College Art Museum; [MH SK] The Joseph Allen Skinner Museum at Mount Holyoke College; [SC] Smith College Museum of Art; [UM] University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMASS Amherst

ID Number Maker Name/Title Date Made  
MH 2004.13.5 Antiochus II, Theos (minted under) Tetradrachm of Antiochus II, Theos Hellenistic Period; 261-246 BCE View
MH 2004.13.50 Constantine I (minted under) Solidus of Constantine I 335-336 CE View
MH 2004.13.500 Marcus Aurelius (minted under) Denarius of Faustina Minor 147-175 CE View
MH 2004.13.501 Marcus Aurelius (minted under) As of Faustina Minor 147-175 CE View
MH 2004.13.502 Commodus (minted under) Denarius of Commodus 177-192 CE View
MH 2004.13.503 Commodus (minted under) Denarius of Commodus 191-192 CE View
MH 2004.13.504 Commodus (minted under) Sestertius of Commodus 188 CE View
MH 2004.13.505 Kanishka I (minted under) Tetradrachm of Kanishka I 127-151 CE View
MH 2004.13.506 Azes II (minted under) Tetradrachm of Azes II 35 BCE-30 CE View
MH 2004.13.507 Phraates IV (minted under) Drachm of Phraates IV 38-2 BCE View
MH 2004.13.508 Azilises I (minted under) Tri-chalkon of Azilises I 57-35 BCE View
MH 2004.13.509 Shapur I (minted under) Drachm of Shapur I 240-272 CE View
MH 2004.13.51 Constantius II (minted under) Solidus of Constantius II 351-355 CE View
MH 2004.13.510 Mu'izz al Din Mahmud (minted under) Follis of Mu'izz al Din Mahmud 1208-1211 View
MH 2004.13.511 Artabanus II (minted under) Drachm of Artabanus II 10-38 CE View
MH 2004.13.512 Vologases IV (minted under) Drachm of Vologases IV ca. 147-191 CE View
MH 2004.13.513 Najm al-Din Alpi ibn Ilgazi, Malik of Diyarbakir ca. 1152-1176 CE (minted under) Dirhem of Gemini ca. 1152-1176 View
MH 2004.13.514 Qutb al-Din Muhammad bin Zengi (minted under) Fals of a Classical Male 1197-1219 View
MH 2004.13.515 Azbaal (minted under) Dishekel of Azbaal 365-350 BCE View
MH 2004.13.516 Julian II (minted under) Follis of Julianus 27 BCE-476 CE View
MH 2004.13.517 Unknown Grosetto of Saint Blaise 1709 View

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